I go by Elli, 22, professional cutie pie and in a relationship with orange juice.
I post a lot (A LOT) of personal things. I like skeleton keys, floral prints, unique jewelry and Greek mythology.

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I never thought I’d be this happy because of a stupid boy with a cute smile and a sweet heart, but God am I loosing my mind over you.

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*accidentally touches real girl* how am i going to explain this to my waifu

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Name: I go by Elli on the internet.

Nickname: Elli’s already a nickname. My family calls me by the first half of my name. Then there’s the strange names like Kari, Fluffy, Crayola, etc

Birthday: April 24th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I like what I please
Height: 5’4

Time Zone: EST
What time and date is it there: 5:47 on August 29th, 2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: around 5-6 :c

The last thing I Googled was: Why is the moon rising on the west
Phrase(s): don’t have one I think

First word that comes to mind: Tangent
What I last said to a family member: “This is my room and I will walk around without pants if I please” 
One place that makes me happy & why: This really old, chewed up, uncomfortable bed. For the past few years, it’s felt like a lil safe haven. Like no matter how bad or scary things got out there, as long as I was on that bed, nothing bad could reach me. 
How many blankets I sleep under: One and the bed cover on my feet.
Favorite beverage(s): I really like sport drinks, I think they satisfy my thirst better than water. That and OJ<3

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy!
Three things I can’t live without: This question always bothers me because as attached as I am to people and things, I know I can literally survive without them. Except my sister. My world would end if I ever lost her. 

Something I plan on learning: I plan to learn many things? Hopefully more acceptance towards myself.

A piece of advice for all my followers: It’s okay to seek help. It’s okay to feel bad for feeling bad. It’s okay to not like yourself. You’re not a bad person, your mind is just troublesome. 

My blog(s): I have three blogs. My main one which is this. A private one I no longer write in and another private one that I’ve used to vent when things get too bad

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Tagging people that have spoken to me in the past and we’re mutuals but haven’t kept up with their lives. Hello, hope you’re all doing great~x

hawkesenpai replied to your post: I cut my hair about a month ago. …

you’re so prettyyyyyyy * w *

Shucks :3c
Thank you!! 

*friend wants something worth $50*
*buys it for them immediately*

*sees dress on sale for $25*
"Ugh no, it’s too much."