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"Let it burn."
Queen of the Flame, by Rika Chan.
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Last day of swimming class.
Despite my lack of physical strength, in every “competition” the instructor threw at us, I was ending between 4th and 6th (out of 25 people, I think that’s pretty good).
I improved in my Cooper test and my time got way better for 100 freestyle.
This was all last class.
This class she made us do a 100 IM and a 50 choice of style (I chose breast stroke).
Comparing times, I came second for the women’s time, 2 seconds behind first. She used to swim in high school so I’m very proud I almost beat her. I got a silver sticker for 2nd place C:
For breaststroke I came third in the class (out of those who also chose breast stroke anyways).
And that concludes my swimming class. Can’t wait to come back for Master’s Club next semester.

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Basically the movie.
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going to college like


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Anonymous sent: Besides time, how would you get over a guy who you've really liked for a long time?


Easy. You start by NOT checking his twitter or any social media. Do NOT read your old text messages. Do NOT listen to love songs. Listen to happy music, Go to the gym, talk to people, hang out with your family and friends. Always look your very best and understand that if he for whatever reason, doesn’t want to be with somebody as amazing as you, someone better and obviously smarter is going to want you forever…. and that’s when you laugh and think ( why the hell did I even like him?)

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There are certain names that will always taste like regret and stomach acid on my tongue.

Michelle K., People I Decided to Let Go (via drapetomania)

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I’m hungry
*buys me food*

I’m cold
*takes off jacket and gives it to me*

I want that thing
*buys me the thing*

My friends are so wonderful ;~;